Speaking Engagements

Bring the excitement of Ocean Adventures through an engaging presentation by one of the Ocean Futures Society Expedition Team Members. Be inspired to be apart of the marine conservation movement while enjoying first hand accounts of the global travels of Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society team members.

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau Speaking EngagementsJean-Michel Cousteau: The Great Ocean Adventure
    Drawing from over 40 years of experience exploring the world, designing, and studying the ocean realm, environmental speaker Jean-Michel Cousteau provides a wealth of stories and knowledge from his adventurous life. Using his experiences designing artificial floating islands, schools, and environmentally responsible ocean-oriented resorts, Cousteau explains how his formal education in architecture provided him with the theories he has applied to the environment of the water as an oceanographer. Taking audiences on a tour of his childhood dreams of underwater cities to the reality of his accomplished career as an architect, Cousteau's "Great Ocean Adventure" inspires the imaginations and dreams of all who witness it. Learn More About Jean-Michel Cousteau's Speaking Engagements
  • Richard Murphy Speaking EngagementsRICHARD MURPHY Ph.D., Director of Science and Education: Coming Soon!
  • Holly Lohuis Speaking EngagementHOLLY S. LOHUIS, Field Producer, Executive 
Coordinator for Jean-Michel Cousteau: Embracing Change thru Ocean Exploration
    Join Holly S.  Lohuis, marine biologist and Jean-Michel 
Cousteau’s dive partner, for an engaging, uplifting and educational 
presentation on “The Great Ocean Adventure.”  Through a multi-media
presentation, Holly will show recently released footage from the PBS series Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures and, most recently, on the Gulf Oil Spill; What Have We Learned. Holly will share stunning HD footage and engaging stories from her travels around the world highlighting the complexities of the ocean environment and some of the impacts, such as climate change, that is threatening the long-term vitality of our water planet. Learn More About Holly and her Speaking Engagements
  • Carrie Vonderhaar Speaking EngagementsCARRIE VONDERHAAR, Chief Expedition Photographer:
    On Assignment: Behind the Camera
    Find out what really happens on a Jean-Michel Cousteau expedition: dive under water with the big and small, such as humpback whales and the pygmy seahorse; assist in the rescue of a stranded orca; camp at 17,000 feet in the freezing, oxygen-scarce High Andes; visit remote indigenous tribes in the Amazon; and descend under water to document massive, hidden oil plumes lurking from the recent Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill. With Carrie’s behind-the-scenes stories as a vehicle for the journey of a lifetime, the audience will come away with a sense of urgency and a feeling of commitment to the environment and its denizens. Learn More About Carrie and her Speaking Engagements