Jean-Michel Cousteau

The Great Ocean Adventure

Drawing from over 40 years of experience exploring the world, designing, and studying the ocean realm, environmental speaker Jean-Michel Cousteau provides a wealth of stories and knowledge from his adventurous life. Using his experiences designing artificial floating islands, schools, and environmentally responsible ocean-oriented resorts, Cousteau explains how his formal education in architecture provided him with the theories he has applied to the environment of the water as an oceanographer. Taking audiences on a tour of his childhood dreams of underwater cities to the reality of his accomplished career as an architect, Cousteau's "Great Ocean Adventure" inspires the imaginations and dreams of all who witness it.

The Sustainable Future: Preserve the Oceans, Protect Ourselves

As the founder of the Ocean Futures Society, a marine conservation and education organization, Jean-Michel Cousteau inspires and educates audiences worldwide about the need to act responsibly and preserve the fragile underwater ecosystems that are so intricately tied to all life on earth. Cousteau, who is also on the cutting edge of environmentally responsible architecture, documents the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrates the ocean's vital importance to our survival.

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