Jean-Michel Cousteau dispatches team to Gulf oil spill

Jean-Michel Cousteau at the Prestige Oil Spill in Spain, 2002 May 10, 2010
Today I am dispatching team members Matt Ferraro, Brian Hall, and Nathan Dembeck to join Gary Holland and myself at St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, to find and explain the realities of this unprecedented oil spill ...

Gulf Oil Spill

Gas Platform in Flower Gardens
April 28, 2010
There is an image that haunts me. It involves the April 20 Deepwater Horizon oil platform explosion 50 miles southeast of the Mississippi Delta ...

Marine Conservation Losses

Pacific BlueFin TunaMarch 31, 2010
In a time of tremendous loss of biodiversity in the marine environment, it saddens me to read the recent headline: “Trade Beats Conservation At U.N. Wildlife Talks" ...

The Truth About Keiko's Death

Keiko March 2, 2010
On March 1st on Larry King Live, Thad Lacinak, who spent 30 years at Sea World and worked as head trainer, made the statement that Keiko died of starvation in the wild after losing more than 1000 lbs. This statement is incorrect ...

Statement on Releasing Captive Orcas

Jean-Michel Cousteau up close with KeikoFebruary 26, 2010
The recent tragic death of an orca trainer has raised the question of whether orcas in captivity should be released. It is a complicated question with no simple answer, but this is my experience ...

In Support of ‘Salmon Farms Exposed’

Jean-Michel Cousteau and Alexandra Morton February 17, 2010
While filming our PBS/KQED special “Call of the Killer Whale” in British Colombia over a year ago, my team and I heard a consistent message throughout the scientific community, First Nations and marine conservation organizations. That message was that open-net salmon farms are killing many of the wild salmon runs of British Columbia ...

Water Alive

Plankton February 11, 2010
During the many years that my father, Jacques Cousteau, and I sailed onboard Calypso, we stood at the helm of our ship as the cameras rolled and we crossed what seemed endless oceans. We discovered firsthand, sometimes wave by wave, that this is indeed a water planet ...

A Gift from the Sea

salmon and sea lice February 1, 2010
Tuesday January 26th was an important day for the long-term survival of wild salmon of the Pacific Northwest ...

Time is of the Essence….We need to Take Action

Killer Whale Pod in British Columbia February 11, 2010
Since the airing of our PBS special “Call of the Killer Whale” last April 2009, Ocean Futures Society has been engaged in a campaign against toxic chemicals, especially those that bioaccumulate in the environment, are long-lasting and ubiquitous ...

OFS in the Press: Diver Magazine: January 2010

Salmon: Lifeblood of the Pacific Northwest

Jean-Michel Cousteau's January 2010 article in Diver Magazine.

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