Making the Connection: Ice Cover in the Arctic

July 15, 2011
Ocean Futures diver in Arctic IceAs divers, we have a responsibility to not only share our personal experiences of adventures beneath the waves and the hidden treasures we discover on every dive, but to continually educate ourselves ...

One Action, One Day at a Time

Gulf Oil DisasterJuly 6, 2010
As consumers, we depend on the use of oil. Now is the time to take a look at alternatives. For whatever you can afford, there are ways to work toward using renewable energies ...

In Honor of the 40th Celebration of Earth Day

Coral Reef, Nemena, FijiApril 21, 2010
Top Ten Actionable Items to Best Ensure a Sustainable Ocean for the Future. The ocean works hard for us. Now it is time for us to work on its behalf ...

Earth Hour Saturday March 27, 2010

Polar Bear Where are you on Saturday March 27th at 8:30pm? Join Jean-Michel Cousteau and the entire OFS team in the dark as we celebrate the power of the individual in reducing greenhouse gases and slowing down the effects of climate change ...

Water Alive

Plankton February 11, 2010
During the many years that my father, Jacques Cousteau, and I sailed onboard Calypso, we stood at the helm of our ship as the cameras rolled and we crossed what seemed endless oceans. We discovered firsthand, sometimes wave by wave, that this is indeed a water planet ...

Charting the Future of the Oceans

Charting the Future of the Oceans December 23, 2009
The recent United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen devoted one day to present the latest scientific understanding about the impacts of climate change on the ocean. At this forum, I had the honor of meeting and listening to key leaders ...

The Face of Climate Change

The Face of Climate Change December 12, 2009
Many people would expect Jean-Michel Cousteau to be most concerned about the effects of climate change on the ocean. He is concerned, but he believes it's the risk of human suffering that calls for the most urgent action ...

Copenhagen and Beyond

December 8, 2009
We are all modern witnesses to both the miraculous and the incomprehensible. We have seen our planet from space, had access to the deepest canyons of the ocean ...

Changing Ocean Chemistry

September 16, 2009
“As individual citizens, we must also be part of the solution.” - Jean-Michel Cousteau

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