Voyage to Kure

Night Dive

Cameraman Yves Lefevre films a White-Tipped Reef Shark at night, swimming along rock structures.

Marine Debris

Jean-Michel Cousteau and the expedition team encounter piles and piles of marine debris that has either washed ashore or been transported to Laysan Island by foraging adult albatross.

Black-Footed Albatross

After searching for food for miles across the vast Pacific, a Black-Footed Albatross feeds its hungry chick a meal. While the meal contains nutritious fish eggs and squid, it also unfortunately includes tiny bits of plastic, picked up by the adult bird in the foraging process.

Night Dive

The film team at work during a night dive in the waters off Nihoa Island. Expedition diver Holly Lohuis appears as a silhouette, as she waits for the cue to enter the camera frame.

Blue-fin Trevallys

During an exploration drift dive near Shark Point, the divers encounter a school of Blue-fin Trevallys.


While exploring one of the most beautiful and remote beaches on Laysan Island, the sight of all kinds of debris confronts Jean-Michel Cousteau, stretching for miles along the shoreline.

Cycle of Death

Jean-Michel Cousteau displays an array of plastic cigarette lighters, toys, vials, and other marine debris he collected during an inspection of the beach on remote Laysan Island. The debris is brought to the island by Albatross, which ingest plastic litter while foraging for food at sea. These birds and their chicks may regurgitate the plastics. Many times, however, the debris remains inside their gut cavity, causing death by starvation. As dead Albatross decompose, the plastics are re-released into the food chain continuing the negative cycle of death from marine debris.

Maro Reef

Director of Photography Paul Atkins and cameraman Yves Lefevre film, as Matt Ferraro operates lights to illuminate Jean-Michel Cousteau and diver Holly Lohuis as they swim through a narrow cave structure at Maro Reef.

Underwater Filming

The team films Jean-Michel Cousteau and Holly Lohuis swimming through an overhang.

Underwater Filming

Cameraman Yves Lefevre filming underwater with a High Definition camera.

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