Voyage to Kure

Masked Boobie

A juvenile Masked Booby observed the team on a rocky outpost overlooking Mokumanamana, flanked on the left by a juvenile Frigate bird and an adult Frigate bird nesting on its right.

Spotted Eagle Rays

Spotted Eagle Rays grace the team with a "flyby" during a drift dive around Shark Point.


The island of Mokumanamana arises abruptly out of the blue waters of the Pacific.


Camerman Yves Lefevre films the waves crashing on the rocks at the water's edge surrounding Mokumanamana.

To The Lake

Extremely heavy equipment is painstakingly carried several miles to the saline lake.

Plastic Shoreline

Bits and pieces of plastic are collected at sea and deposited on the Laysan Lake shoreline by Albatross.


Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition team member Holly Lohuis give each other an underwater "high-five" after a successful filming dive.

Underwater Communication

Jean-Michel Cousteau operates the diver "comm. box" topside, allowing him to communicate with the expedition team as they descend down to over 200 feet during an exploratory dive at the south end of Pearl and Hermes Atoll.

Leading the Way

Jean-Michel Cousteau leads the way through the tight grottos at the north end of Pearl and Hermes Atoll.

Celebration of Life

With a pod of wild dolphins swimming close by, the expedition team celebrated the life and accomplishments of friend and fellow diver, Paul Tzimoulis, Publisher, Skin Diver.

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