Voyage to Kure

Two and a Half Weeks

Jean-Michel Cousteau views the shocking sight of 82 tons of marine debris collected by NOAA's team at Pearl and Hermes Atoll in a brief two and a half week period.

Personal Escorts

The Ocean Futures Society underwater film team was delighted to receive a personal escort from the resident spinner dolphins as they departed the lagoon at Midway Island.

Marine Debris Recovery

After the marine debris recovery team of expedition members Ed Cassano and Blair Mott returned to the boat with this 300-pound net, the Searcher crew lowered the crane to lift it out of the Zodiac in order to properly dispose of it.

Dive Prep

Dive team member Matt Ferraro checks his dive computer to make sure the in-line oxygen sensor is monitoring the mix in his bag.

Underwater Filming

Cinematographer Yves Lefevre and expedition team diver Matt Ferraro, with lights, film a coral head that is home to a variety of juvenile fish.

White-tipped Reef Shark

A White-tipped reef shark cruises the reef while the camera team was filming a sequence.

Dive Prep

Tove Petterson double checks Ed Cassano's Draeger, Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather dive system.


Jean-Michel Cousteau and dive team member Holly come up on a abandoned anchor, while Yves and Matt film the discovery.

Pearl and Hermes Atoll

A school of goatfish cruise the wall off Pearl and Hermes Atoll, while keeping an eye out for predators.

Dive Prep

Expedition diver Holly Lohuis, Still Photographer Tom Ordway and Cinematographer Yves Lefevre get ready for a filming dive.

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