Voyage to Kure

Endemic Laysan Finch

A close up of the endemic Laysan Finch.


Jean-Michel Cousteau walks along the beach at Laysan Island, littered with marine debris. In the background are remnants of a shipwreck and rusting Japanese long liner that sank, but is still visible in the sand.

Seven Thousand Dollars

A male Masked Angelfish, Genicanthus personatus, is valued at $7,000.00 in the aquarium trade. Good thing this is a Coral Reef Reserve and National Wildlife Refuge!

Cigarette Lighter

A dead Laysan Albatross chick with a cigarette lighter lying next to it.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Jean-Michel Cousteau slowly creeps in for a closer look at this beautiful Laysan Albatross chick.

Albatross Chick

A Laysan Albatross chick with down still attached to its head and neck.

Marine Debris

Jean-Michel Cousteau picks up yet another cigarette lighter on Laysan Island, one of many found every 3 to 5 steps across the interior nesting area.

Laysan Duck

A shy Laysan Duck protects her brood in long grass near the interior lake.

Hyper Saline Lake

Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition team member Tove Petterson accompany Chief Diver Blair Mott as he prepares to dive the hyper saline lake of Laysan Island.

Filming Brine Shrimp

Jean-Michel Cousteau assigns Chief Diver Blair Mott with the task of diving in Laysan Lake, a hyper saline lake, to film brine shrimp.

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