Voyage to Kure

Expeditions:Voyage to Kure Gallery

The Ocean Futures Society Team traveled over 1,200 miles on expedition for Voyage to Kure. Please click on the thumbnails to begin the slide show and be sure to visit all six galleries!

Antoine Rosset, filming at Tern Island, with Dr. Beth Flint (USFWS) as his guide. ©Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society/KQED

Dr. Beth Flint speaks with expedition team member Blair Mott about the many birds on Tern Island, as a Sooty Tern takes a rest on her head. ©Holly Lohuis, Ocean Futures Society

An airplane from Honolulu bringing NOAA team member Dana Wilkes to join the other Manacat members. ©Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society

Ed, Antoine, Mike, Jean-Michel and Tove on the runway at Tern Island, filming thousands of sea birds. Check out the Sooty Tern perched on Antoine's head! ©Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society

Cinematographer Antoine Rosset films a Sooty Tern landing atop his head. ©Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society

Sound Engineer Mike Westgate and Antoine focus in on Jean-Michel and Tove, as they get a closer look at the Sooty Terns. ©Nancy Marr, Ocean Futures Society

A Brown Noddy enjoying a day at the beach on Tern Island, French Frigate Shoals. ©Tove Petterson, Ocean Futures Society

A young Laysan Albatross patiently waits for at least one more meal from Mom or Dad before it heads out into the blue yonder and fends for itself. © Tove Petterson, Ocean Futures Society

Mike Westgate, Sound Engineer, with a new friend, a curious Sooty Tern. © Tove Petterson, Ocean Futures Society

Ocean Futures Society Vice President of Expedition/Exploration, Ed Cassano, taking a tourist moment with a young Laysan Albatross. © Tove Petterson, Ocean Futures Society

Jean-Michel Cousteau with Bulwer's Petrel chick in a manmade nest box due to limited nesting sites for access to observation and study with limited disturbance. © Nan Marr, Ocean Futures Society

Close-up of Bulwer's Petrel chick. © Nan Marr, Ocean Futures Society

A double rainbow appeared at East Island while Sooty Terns flew by. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Diver Holly Lohuis assists Matt Ferarro with a pre-dive safety check of his rebreather unit. It takes a few hours to test the rebreathers and to troubleshoot the units. ©: Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Expedition divers Holly Lohuis, Matt Ferraro, Blair Mott and Yves Lefevre prepare their closed circuit rebreather equipment for a dive on Rapture Reef. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Matt Ferraro prepares to dive Rapture Reef using a closed circuit rebreather. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

The team was rewarded with a great dive on Rapture Reef, with beautiful 100-foot visibility. They swam with big schools of jacks. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Yves Lefevre, cinematographer, and Matt Ferraro, lighting technician, dive with closed-circuit rebreathers, allowing them to swim backwards to film divers swimming over the Giant Table Coral, Acropora cythera, without any of their own bubbles getting in the way. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

The Tern Island staff welcomed our team with open arms, warm hospitality and camaraderie. The OFS team thanks you all for sharing your unique and very special world, far removed from cities and populations and very much needing to be protected. © Nan Marr, Ocean Futures Society

Expedition Leader Don Santee and team member Tove Petterson prepare the Zodiacs for drift dive support and pick-up at Raita Bank. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society