The SeaScope DVD 2-disc set consists of 52 short episodes highlighting the most fascinating adventures and discoveries of Jean-Michel Cousteau and his expedition team.

Our goal is to help people appreciate the incredible diversity of life in the sea and also the variety of ways humans benefit from and interact with the sea. Stories range from the behavior of fish that act as doctors on coral reefs-to the value of shipwrecks, and how humans explore the underwater world.

We are pleased to offer a series of 22 activities and lessons that will enhance the educational value of our SeaScope DVD set. They are organized according to subject area, sometimes with several SeaScope stories combined into a single lesson. In other cases a lesson may relate to only a single SeaScope episode. The lessons are aligned with National Science Education Standards and are aimed at grades 4 through 8.

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Eels: They look like they belong in a horror show, but eels are just fish whose slinky shape helps them survive in rocky or sandy habitats. Seeing them hunt is pretty scary, but one diver finds out that they can be as cuddly as kittens - when they've had enough to eat. Episode 39 from the popular 52 episode ocean series, SeaScope.

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SeaScope: An Adventure Underwater DVD


An Adventure Underwater
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SeaScope: An Adventure Underwater. Teacher's Guide and Lesson Plans

An Adventure Underwater
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