Paul Gauguin Cruises, Polynesia

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For many years, Jean-Michel Cousteau has been a special guest lecturer on the award-winning small cruise ship, the m/s Paul Gauguin. As a result of this successful partnership, in 2003 Jean-Michel was invited to bring his Ambassadors of the Environment education program aboard the Paul Gauguin during its summer cruises in French Polynesia. The Ambassadors of the Environment program is now offered on all cruises during the months of June, July and August, plus the Christmas and New Years cruises.

This program offers young guests (ages 9-17) and their families a suite of onboard activities under the guidance of expert Ocean Futures Society naturalists. Plus, daily excursions off the ship reveal the natural wonders and rich culture of Polynesia both on land and in the sea. Ambassadors participants experience first hand coral reefs, sharks and rays, volcanic islands, forest ecology, Polynesian dance and food, and connections between humanity and nature. Naturalists foster important lessons about living a sustainable lifestyle, guiding youngsters by the hand as they explore Polynesia’s beautiful ecosystems, and inspiring them and their families to protect these fragile ecosystems no matter where they live on the planet. The Ambassadors of the Environment experience gives participants not only special memories of Polynesia, but also the tools to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle back home.

The Paul Gauguin also hosts Jean-Michel Cousteau, the president of Ocean Futures Society, every year for a “Special Sailing Jean-Michel Cousteau” program. Mr. Cousteau will offer a series of lectures complete with videos of his work in the world’s oceans and join guests on select excursions of the ship.