Volunteer of the Month: July 2016

July 7, 2016
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As a Southern California beach cities native, Maddy Montague has always been captivated by the power and beauty of the ocean. A recent addition to the team, she started interning in May 2016, and looks forward to continuing the scientific, educational, and conservationist work of the Ocean Futures Society.

Maddy is currently an undergraduate environmental studies and political science double major at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). She has spent the past three years taking classes that have both deepened her understanding of nature and have given her the necessary tools to engage in research and extensive analysis of the complex ocean environment. Moving into her final year of college, Maddy looks to take classes that emphasize environmental law and politics, as she intends to pursue a career in this field. She hopes to understand the intricacies of policy as to ensure effective implementation of environmental measures.

At Ocean Futures Maddy composes environmental news updates, writes social media content, and drafts letters on behalf of the Society. Her favorite task is researching and compiling information for fact sheets. Thus far she has investigated sustainably fisheries, ship strikes, the National Marine Sanctuaries, fracking and more. Each fact sheet is something new, and she enjoys a gaining newfound perspective on topics previously unknown to her.

At a young age, Maddy recognized the significance of protecting our oceans. As avid ocean enthusiasts, her parents often took her to the beach, and pushed her to participate in ocean activities such as junior lifeguards, body surfing, and snorkeling. The ocean was a constant factor in her life, and her love and passion for its preservation continues to grow. In high school she worked with the Surfrider Foundation to found a high school club. Through this organization, Maddy facilitated discussion between students concerning human impacts contributing to ocean and beach ecological health. She hopes to further the respect of the oceans through public education and general awareness of environmental issues.


Maddy will be graduating from UCSB in spring 2017, and hopes to continue her work with Ocean Futures Society through the remainder of her college career. She looks to attend law school in the fall of 2017 to pursue environmental law and policy.

“I am incredibly happy to be interning for Ocean Futures Society. The opportunity to further research present day environmental news as well as learn from experts such as Jean-Michel and Holly is amazing, and I always enjoy my time spent in the office. Ocean Futures has helped in the development of my research and writing skills, and has broadened my view of the ocean environment. I am excited to continue the work of Ocean Futures, and I can’t wait to learn more!” - Maddy Montague