Kenji Williams Brings Bella Gaia To Santa Barbara

Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, CA (November 16th , 2010)

Blue Ocean Sciences, Surfers Without Borders, Ocean Futures Society, Santa Barbara High-school’s Don’s Net Café, Christie Communications, Green 2 Gold, and LoaTree are hosting Kenji Williams BELLA GAIA in Santa Barbara to raise environmental and social awareness through art and music. Classically trained violinist Kenji Williams, BELLA GAIA (Beautiful Earth) is a ‘Living Atlas’ multimedia journey of our world, and expresses the deeply moving beauty of planet Earth as seen through the eyes of astronauts by successfully simulating space flight. BELLA GAIA showcases the amazing art and cultural heritage of civilizations inhabiting planet Earth through live musical performance on stage and projected visuals on screen. Tickets will be sold through the Lobero box office and will range between $20 and $35 Dollars. GOLD and VIP passes for special events will also be available through the Lobero office for $50 and $200.

“BELLA GAIA is Just Beautiful. It really felt like I was back in space.”
-Piers Sellers, NASA Astronaut, Spacewalker
(STS-112 Atlantis, STS 121 Discovery)

Proceeds from the BELLA GAIA events will go to the Blue Ocean Sciences "Waves" program to connect young people to their local environment, each other, and the future. It is the next generation, who through management of their land-based resources will maintain a healthy environment. In January 2011, BOS’s WAVES program will introduce the “Marine Debris Dream Team” as they cross the Atlantic on The Schmidt Research Vessel Institute’s (SRVI) M/Y Lone Ranger. The Marine Debris Dream Team whose partners include: NASA, The Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute, Craig Venter Institute, Helmholtz Zentrum Laboratory, PACMARA and McGill University, will introduce complex scientific subjects to the world through fun easy-to-understand webisodes, blogs, and online question and answer sessions. Blue Ocean Sciences Media Education (BOS ME) will follow this media savy team of researchers as they study the North Atlantic Gyre and the Sargasso Sea, exploring approximately 3,000 nautical miles of critical ocean environments.

For Sponsorship Opportunities Contact:
+1 (805) 233 - 7577

About Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS)
Blue Ocean Sciences (BOS) is a non-profit supported by the 501(c)3 Green 2 Gold. BOS’s mission is to address the needs of the global community for accurate research on oceanic health utilizing the latest technology, sharing of validated scientific information, creation of effective educational materials, and developing accurate media communication on the status and health of our oceans. BOS will facilitate utilization of human ingenuity, intellect, and technology to develop a thorough understanding of pressing environmental issues and to implement plans of action to benefit the environment of the world’s oceans.

About Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Futures Society (OFS)
The mission of Ocean Futures Society is to explore our global ocean, inspiring and educating people throughout the world to act responsibly for its protection, documenting the critical connection between humanity and nature, and celebrating the ocean's vital importance to the survival of all life on our planet.

About Surfer Without Borders (SWoB)
Surfers Without Boarders (SWoB) is a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to creating Projects that Teach Environmental Awareness, Reduce Ocean Pollution, Promote Sustainable Development, and Foster Good Relations between Surfers and Coastal Communities around the world.

About Dons Net Café (DNC)
Don’s Net Café is a student-run social entrepreneurial business located on the historic campus of Santa Barbara High School offered through the Regional Occupational Program. The DNC represents a 17-year commitment to inspire students to create positive social and environmental change through ethical commerce and service learning. We represent these activities through our participation in Virtual Enterprise. All profits benefit employees and associated projects 100%.

About LoaTree
LoaTree is an eco-lifestyle company. LoaTree is dedicated to the advancement of eco-inspired lifestyles and practices for people, organizations and business. We offer direct services for businesses and organizations working to make a better world including event production and marketing, social media, community building and LoaTree TV.

About Green 2 Gold (G2G)
Green 2 Gold is a project of EEG, an international foundation advancing the green economy, sustainability, technology and environmental enterprising, innovation, and creating solutions for responsible economic development and pollution prevention.

About Christie Communications
Christie Communications is a full-service public relations, marketing, and advertising agency dedicated to helping ethical businesses, entrepreneurs, and socially-conscious organizations broaden their impact through effective communication services. Christie Communications goes beyond branding and other marketing buzzwords. It is a company based in philosophy, driven by passion, and known by its results. The Christie CommUnity Foundation creates a "ripple effect" of global betterment through creating and promoting innovative, results-oriented initiatives for the betterment of the world.