Ocean Futures Society Wins at Blue Ocean Film Festival

Savannah, GA “Call of the Killer Whale,” a two-hour episode of "Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures" on PBS, won the prestigious Best Broadcast Program or Series Award at the Blue Ocean Film Festival June 14th.

The film festival, one of the top natural history film competitions in the world and the only one dedicated to ocean films in the U.S., chose “Call of the Killer Whale” from among more than 200 entries.

“This episode is an artful demonstration of the complex relationships between humans and marine mammals,” said Debbie Kinder, executive director of the festival. “Its insight and quality of storytelling set it apart from all the rest.”

Another episode in the Cousteau series, “Sea Ghosts,” was also nominated for the top prize in the Broadcast Program or Series category.

“Call of the Killer Whale” focuses on the fact that our counterparts in the sea are Orcas. Their realm extends from Pole to Pole but they number fewer than 100,000. Jean-Michel Cousteau and team discover that people and Orcas share surprising similarities and relate their findings to Keiko of Free Willy fame and Orcas in New Zealand, the Pacific Northwest and Norway.

They discover how some threats to Orcas intersect with the environment, the food we eat, even our own health.

“We’re making the connection between humans and nature,” stated Jean-Michel Cousteau. “Orcas dominate the ocean. We dominate the land but we all depend on the same thing.”