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From time to time, this site will offer films that have a unique link to Jean-Michel Cousteau, Ocean Futures Society and its mission, including stories never told before.

My Father, The Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau film, movieMy Father, The Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Running Time: 46 minutes

My Father, The Captain: Jacques-Yves Cousteau revisits the adventure and the legacy of Captain Cousteau not only through intimate stories from his family but also from some of the people whose lives he influenced. In rediscovered footage of the earliest days of scuba diving, Jean-Michel Cousteau shows how his father brought the great unseen ocean into focus and into our homes. Jean-Michel and the next generation of Cousteau children, now adults, describe the legacy they have taken upon themselves to carry and cast a meaningful light on the life and work of a man who inspired millions to reconsider our relationship with the sea and its creatures.

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Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures Explorer CollectionJean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Explorer Collection
Running Time: 11 hours (7 specials)

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his Ocean Futures Society team explore the ocean world to share their findings and concerns through this PBS film series & educational adventures. Follow the team from the Arctic to the Amazon and from the the remote island chain of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands to all 14 US National Marine Sanctuaries.

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Mon Père, le Commandant: Jacques-Yves Cousteau« Mon Père, le Commandant: Jacques-Yves Cousteau »
Running Time: 52 minutes

Notre film « Mon Père, le Commandant: Jacques-Yves Cousteau » revisite l'aventure et l'héritage du Commandant Cousteau, non seulement à travers des histoires intimes de sa famille, mais aussi des histoires de personnes dont il a influencé la vie. Avec des images d’archives des premiers moments de plongée sous-marine, Jean-Michel Cousteau montre comment son père a introduit le monde invisible des océans dans nos foyers et nos maisons. Jean-Michel et la génération suivante des enfants Cousteau, aujourd'hui adultes, décrivent leur héritage et jettent une lumière significative sur la vie et l'œuvre d'un homme qui a inspiré des millions de personnes et nous a permis de reconsidérer notre relation avec la mer et ses habitants.

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