Voyage to Kure

French Frigate Shoals

Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition team member Holly Lohuis, dive over the pristine reefs of French Frigate Shoals. Note the large size of the Giant Table Coral.

Coral Reef Desert

Jean-Michel Cousteau dives the coral reef "desert" off Wakiki, damaged by pollution and other human impacts.

Coral Desert off Waikiki

The dive team, including Jean-Michel (foreground) and Holly Lohuis (center) explore the "coral desert" off Wakiki. Prior to leaving Honolulu, the team dove and filmed off Waikiki - what a shock! Although the visibility was about 50

Voyage to Kure Expedition Team

Although for many team members, this is the first time they've working together with each other, they have bonded together and are working as a cohesiveness unit. This is critical for successfully executing the different logistics required for diving and filming in remote conditions.

Awa Ceremony

During the traditional farewell blessing and "Awa Ceremony" led by Kumu John Lake, Halau dancers performed special dances specific to the time-honored cultural traditions of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Night Dive

Cameraman Yves Lefevre films a White-Tipped Reef Shark at night, swimming along rock structures. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Night Dive

The film team at work during a night dive in the waters off Nihoa Island. Expedition diver Holly Lohuis appears as a silhouette, as she waits for the cue to enter the camera frame. ©Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society


Camerman Yves Lefevre films the waves crashing on the rocks at the water's edge surrounding Mokumanamana. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

Blue-fin Trevallys

During an exploration drift dive near Shark Point, the divers encounter a school of Blue-fin Trevallys. © Tom Ordway, Ocean Futures Society

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