Voyage to Kure

Gut Full ofPlastic

A decomposing Laysan Albatross chick with a gut full of plastic is an all too-common sight on the remote islands of NWHI.


Yves Lefevre films the team at work, while Ed Cassano, VP of Exploration, handles the cable for surface supplied lights operated by diver Matt Ferraro.


Chief Diver Blair Mott assists Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr. Beth Flint with transporting "Lanai," the rescued Laysan Albatross, to her new holding pen. The pen serves as her temporary home prior to her departure to Honolulu on July 31.


Team member Holly Lohuis opens up Lanai

Midway Atoll Lagoon

Inquisitive Spinner dolphins swim in the Midway Atoll lagoon.

Crystal Clear

The expedition team experiences great diving conditions: excellent visibility in blue, crystal clear water in the NHWI.

Night Filming

Director of Photography, Paul Atkins, films Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition diver Holly Lohuis as a juvenile Galapagos shark swims by.

Healthy Reef

This image reflects key components of a healthy coral reef ecosystem in the NWHI: invertebrates, fish and a Galapagos Shark - a top predator in the food chain.

Derelict Net

Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition team members assist Cynthia Venerlip with pulling in a derelict net that was adrift in the lagoon at Kure Atoll.

Silent World

Expedition team member Holly Lohuis dives with a semi-closed rebreather, which allows her to be silent underwater. This allows the dive team to closely approach underwater life without disturbance from air bubbles.

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