Voyage to Kure

A Safe Return

Chief Diver Blair Mott returns from his dive in Laysan Lake while being filmed by both teams.

Albatross Chick

An Albatross chick on a dwindling nest waits for its parents to return with food.


Laysan Albatross chicks practice flying with outstretched wings.


Albatross amidst native grass and sand on Laysan Island.

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Jean-Michel Cousteau stands next to remnants of a guano pile left from the 1920's mining operations.

Albatross Chick

A dead Laysan Albatross chick with seven bottle tops in its gullet. Adult Albatross feed on flying fish eggs that the adult fish attach to floating debris.

Laysan Island

The Ocean Futures Society expedition team arrives on Laysan Island by zodiac, to meet and plan the day with USFWS and NMFS personnel stationed there.

Manta Ray

One of the two Manta Rays we encountered, this one made four passes near a coral head where it was getting cleaned.

Maro Reef

Filming the cave formations on the Western most tip of Maro Reef, cinematographer Yves Lefevre captures Jean-Michel Cousteau and expedition dive team member Holly Lohuis examining the diversity of "macro" life clinging to the underside of the ledge.


"Bolus," an accumulation of indigestible matter, plastic fishing materials and squid beaks, from Albatross chicks on Tern Island.

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