Voyage to Kure

Marine Debris

Chris Eggleston, Manager of Tern Island US fish and Wildlife, shows Jean-Michel Cousteau the "bolus," containing plastics and a mass of fishing line, illustrating the devastating effects of marine debris on seabirds found on remote islands of the NWHI.

Underwater Filming

Expedition dive team member Matt Ferraro swims backwards while lighting up the scene for cinematographer Yves Lefevre.

Galapagos Shark

An inquisitive Galapagos shark came in to check out the divers exploring the coral formations.


Schools of colorful damselfish were abundant near this reef structure. Expedition dive team member Tove Petterson swims quietly by to get a peek at these shy creatures.

Acropora cythera

Yves Lefevre, cinematographer, and Matt Ferraro, lighting technician, dive with closed-circuit rebreathers, allowing them to swim backwards to film divers swimming over the Giant Table Coral, Acropora cythera, without any of their own bubbles getting in the way.

Tern Island staff

The Tern Island staff welcomed our team with open arms, warm hospitality and camaraderie. The OFS team thanks you all for sharing your unique and very special world, far removed from cities and populations and very much needing to be protected.

Zodiac Prep

Expedition Leader Don Santee and team member Tove Petterson prepare the Zodiacs for drift dive support and pick-up at Raita Bank.

Raita Bank

Yves Lefevre, Matt Ferraro, and Blair Mott enjoy the silent world of no bubbles, diving with rebreathers at Raita Bank, and the close encounters with a variety of pelagic species.

Galapagos Shark

A Galapagos shark swims down from the surface to get a closer look at the divers.

Rainbow at East Island

A double rainbow appeared at East Island while Sooty Terns flew by.

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