As one of the largest industries in the world, tourism can have an immense influence on local regions and cultures, as well as environments and ecosystems on the planet.

Ecotourism, known as “environmentally responsible travel”, has become a vital part of keeping our planet healthy. Ecotourism emphasizes appreciation for local cultures and biodiversity, promotes conservation, and supports education and learning for travelers and local communities. The goal is to encourage the protection and preservation of vulnerable cultures and valuable natural habitats.

Because of Jean-Michel and his team’s long history of exploring the planet and asking the question how does this green and blue world work, they have applied “lessons from nature” about sustainability to help guide developers and managers of small resorts on how best to implement green design and educational learning opportunities. Ocean Futures Society’s goal in partnering with small hotels and opening dive centers has been to demonstrate what we preach; we can enjoy a breathtaking vacation in a beautiful part of the world and be good stewards of the environment at the same time.

Here are some exciting opportunities to ‘Dive In’ to ecotourism:

We believe it is our duty as outsiders to support and promote cultural and environmental responsibility in the regions where we have partnerships with resorts. And at the same time we want to use these efforts to demonstrate to our guests that it is possible to live well and live responsibly so that they can carry this message and ethic home with them.

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