Santa Barbara, CA
February 6, 2018

Pioneer ocean advocate to highlight Fiji’s unique marine environment

Fiji’s National Airline, Fiji Airways is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with explorer, environmentalist, and founder of Ocean Futures Society, Jean-Michel Cousteau as the newest addition to its suite of brand ambassadors.

In his role as ambassador, Jean-Michel Cousteau will work with Fiji Airways to highlight the importance of preserving marine environments and create awareness for more conscious environmental travel.

Fiji Airways Managing Director & CEO Andre Viljoen said: “As an airline that is intrinsically connected to our home, it’s in our interest to have partners who share our values. Jean-Michel is a great friend of Fiji and is a perfect fit for us to showcase the beauty of Fiji and highlight our fragile natural ecosystem.”

"There is untold beauty and inspiration on our ocean planet. We can all make a difference – by protecting and conserving all life on our water planet, for us now, and for generations to come.  I am thrilled to partner with Fiji Airways and share with the rest of the world why Fiji is so special to me. With my team at Ocean Futures Society, we will continue our endless commitment to protect our water planet.  Our work is rewarded by the magic beauty and power of nature found in Fiji.”  Jean-Michel Cousteau, President Ocean Futures Society

As part of the Fiji Airways Ambassadorship, Cousteau will also appear in Fiji Airways and Fiji Link marketing campaigns that highlight diving, snorkelling and other unique marine related experiences in Fiji.