Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)

The combination of a portable, inflatable boat and a reliable outboard engine has made ocean exploration in remote parts of the world not only possible, but exciting.

Half of that combination, the outboard engines, is thanks to the support of our expedition teams and BRP’s Evinrude outboard engines. These ocean workhorses were the outcome of entrepreneur, Ole Evinrude, who invented the outboard engine over 100 years ago on a small lake outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Today, Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines’ reputation for dependability, quality and reliability coupled with the fact that Evinrude E-TEC is the only outboard with no dealer scheduled maintenance for 3 years or 300 hours makes the decision to power with Evinrude E-TEC an easy one.

These powerful and reliable engines have helped us to crisscross the world’s coral reefs and navigate the isolated stretches of the world’s rivers.

BRP’s support of our team and our expeditions has been invaluable and will take us to places yet to be explored, enjoyed and explained.