Force Fin

For more than a decade, Ocean Futures Society has used the innovative designs of Bob Evans' Force Fins.  Bob has been a dedicated friend of the ocean nearly his entire life and shows his support of the Ocean Futures Society philosophy by supplying the team with fins that enable us to accomplish our goal of protecting the ocean.

The open-foot pocket design of the Force Fin line gives our divers the ability to endure high work loads and long dive durations without the consequence of leg cramps experienced with other fin designs.  The Force Fin design also gives divers the versatility of using the same fin for diving with a drysuit or a dive skin with the simple addition of a comfort instep into the foot pocket.  This means that the same fin is suited to the feet of both male and female divers on the team.  Made in the USA, another advantage of the Force Finis its durability.  Thanks to the high quality materials, design, and method of production, several divers on the team have used the same pair of their favorite Force Fins for years on end without any loss of performance or structural integrity.

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